Tagalog to English Translator

To use: Type your Tagalog text in the big box labeled “Original Text” then click the TRANSLATE button.

Note:Select GOOGLE as the translator in the ribbon above the “Translation” box.

To switch translation direction, simply click the arrows between the two languages above.

This translator uses Google Translate. The translation from Tagalog to English, or English to Tagalog is performed by a computer. Because it is not actually translated by a human, the translation may not be 100% accurate.. To learn more about Google Translate you can check out the Wikipedia article here.  I have noticed the Google Translate tool performs better when translating from English to Tagalog.

If you want to see and hear actual human translations, check out TagalogPhrases.com.   TagalogPhrases.com has over 5,000 human translated sentences in an easiliy searchable database.  They also have over 5,000 sentences recorded by a native Tagalog speaker. You can easily listen to any of the sentences by simply clicking the sentence. Try it!

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